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Sure, Christmas Day has ended, but judging from the variety of holiday decorations and seasonal commercials still around, the holiday spirit remains strong! InventHelp’s Invention Girl is sure you’ve realized that the holidays seem to start earlier and end later each year. And that’s great news for procrastinators. Maybe you’ve been putting off buying product ideas for that co-worker on a break, or you blamed forgetting to send Aunt Edna a gift on the postman. Below are a few more ideas for gifts for you do-it-laters out there.

We at InventHelp think the simplest way to get over the end from the season is to take into account Spring! These outdoor inventions from our sister site, the InventHelp Store, were recently featured in the outdoor enthusiasts’ blog, The Air Chair is really a comfortable camping chair that hangs from the rafters of your deck, porch as well as your car! Easy to use and set up up, the invention is an excellent selection for the person who enjoys relaxing within the outdoors.

Provide an angler on the list? Lures will always be a solid gift and the Moon Minnow Fishing Lure breaks the mold of the ordinary lure. The illuminating element allows fishing enthusiasts to capture the big ones night or day. Know someone employing a dull, old knife? The Master Sharpener is a lightweight, compact tool that can help to ensure that knifes stay sharp in the kitchen area, the outdoors and everywhere else!

Many of these inventions can be found online at Hopefully these tips will help you finish up that last-minute holiday shopping. From everyone at InventHelp, enjoy the rest of the holiday season and Happy New Year!

For people who are to the whole social media thing, make sure you visit the newly created InventHelp Squidoo lens! Although it’s pretty basic at this time, we’ll be adding plenty of content on the next few weeks, from inventor help documents to amusing InventHelp Caveman videos – and a lot more!

On another note, Invention Girl want to apologize on her brief hiatus from blog postings – even technology divas have to take vacations sometime, you understand! That said, I’m prepared to get back to normal with InventHelp reviews that I’ll be sending your way over the following day or two. Stay tuned for fresh content from InventHelp and Invention Girl!

Gas prices. That’s all we read about these days. Invention Girl and everybody else at InventHelp are fed up with it – obvious why small cars are finally making their way stateside! After nearly ten years of success in Europe, the smart fortwo (meaning, “for two people”) is finally making its big debut in the United States. Compact (and then in InventHelp’s Invention Girl’s humble opinion, cute), the smart fortwo may demonstrate that Americans are finally ready to choose fuel-efficiency over mega-size and power.

In a mere 8.8 feet long, the fortwo is nearly 3 feet shorter than that other adorable tiny car, the MINI Cooper. Because of this two smart fortwos could easily match the average parking space. It’s created to fit two 6-foot-tall adults comfortably, featuring ample headroom and cargo room. If being in this particular tiny car makes you feel unsafe, think about this: smart fortwo has electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, head and thorax side airbags, along with a steel safety cage.

Now, should your primary concern is speed, the smart fortwo will not be best for you. A 1.-liter, 70-horsepower engine means the fortwo goes from to 60 mph in 12 seconds. But, this leisurely pace allows for an EPA rating of 33 miles per gallon city, and 40 mpg on the highway.

InventHelp’s President, Bob Susa, was a guest on the Got Invention Radio with Brian Fried. Got Invention Radio is a weekly internet radio show targeted at inventors and entrepreneurs. The show features successful inventors, expert guests and business mentors who share advice and resources. Bob Susa has become the President of InventHelp for the past year and how to patent an idea or product and has been in the invention industry for nineteen years total.

While on the show, Mr. Susa talked to listeners about InventHelp and also the various services the business provides. He discussed different options inventors have and what debthr expect when you use InventHelp services. Mr. Susa also gave fundamental advice on what inventors are capable of doing with their new ideas. Also, he tackled the issue of whether inventors can do the task themselves.

Mr. Susa gave information about InventHelp’s annual trade exhibition of 25 years, INPEX. INPEX is short for Invention & New Product Exposition and is also America’s largest invention trade event. This year it will likely be held at the Monroeville Convention Center from June 16-18.

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